Articles by Stefany Hedman

640 South Curson Avenue. Rendering by MVE Architects.

Exterior of 640 South Curson Avenue Quickly Nears Completion

The exterior of 640 South Curson Avenue quickly nears completion. Entitled, “One Muesem Square Apartments,” the project, directly across the street from La Brea Park, has been in development by JH Snyder Company since 2019, with a $96,621,310.00 permit valuation. JH Snyer is a longtime community development company in Los Angeles.

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6933 West Santa Monica Boulevard. Rendering by Onni.

Construction Underway at 6933 West Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood, Los Angeles

Construction has started on a mixed-use apartment building with some low-income housing at 6933 West Santa Monica Boulevard, in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Onni Contracting, a Canadian company with projects across North America, is the developer behind the project. They have titled it “MR2 Lofts.” The site used to be 15,000 square feet of commercial space, with a single-level building and automotive storage.

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