12540 Crenshaw Boulevard

Apartments Next To SpaceX Reach Completion At 12540 Crenshaw Boulevard, Hawthorne

Located across the street from the SpaceX headquarters, a new apartment complex has reached completion at 12540 Crenshaw Boulevard in Hawthrone, Los Angeles. The project includes two five-story buildings with residential units and commercial space. Texas-based Dinerstein Companies is the project developer preparing the development for the market. Steinberg Hart is managing the design concepts and construction.

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1025 North Wilcox Avenue

Small Lot Houses Fully-Framed At 1025 North Wilcox Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles

Facade-framing has been completed for new residences located at 1025 North Wilcox Avenue in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The project proposal includes the construction of single-family small-lot houses on a vacant parcel. North Hollywood-based firm Ace Construction is the developer. Vanos Architects is managing the design concepts and construction. Beverly Hills-based attorney Igor Korbatov is the project applicant.

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