Rosa de Castilla Apartments

Affordable Housing Wrapped Up At 4208 East Huntington Drive, El Sereno

A new affordable residential complex has wrapped up work at 4208 East Huntington Drive in El Sereno. The project proposal includes the development of a mixed-use building offering retail and residential spaces on a previously vacant site. East LA Community Corporation (EALCC)  has secured its temporary certificate of occupancy for the Rosa de Castilla apartments, a new affordable and supportive housing development at 4208 East Huntington Drive. FSY Architects designed the apartments.

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4020 South Compton Avenue View

$40M Awarded For Affordable Housing At 4020 South Compton Avenue, Central Alameda, Los Angeles

Recently, Governor Gavin Newson awarded $40 million in funds for affordable housing proposed at 4020 South Compton Avenue in Central Alameda, Los Angeles. More than $923 million has been awarded through the California Housing Accelerator, which offers bridge funding for shovel-ready developments that have been unable to secure financing due to a shortage of federal tax credits and bonds. And while more than 95 percent of that money was directed to jurisdictions outside of Los Angeles County, it wasn’t a complete shut-out.

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