640 South Curson Avenue. Rendering by MVE Architects.

Exterior of 640 South Curson Avenue Quickly Nears Completion

The exterior of 640 South Curson Avenue quickly nears completion. Entitled, “One Muesem Square Apartments,” the project, directly across the street from La Brea Park, has been in development by JH Snyder Company since 2019, with a $96,621,310.00 permit valuation. JH Snyer is a longtime community development company in Los Angeles.

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House Reconstruction at 14920 West Ramos Place, Pacific Palisades, Continues Trend of Regional Development

John and Emily Park, representatives of the Park Family Trust, have seized ownership of the property located at 14920 West Ramos Place, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. Near schools, shopping areas, restaurants and  the Pacific Coast Highway alike this new project is set to be in a prime California location. With the help of Crest Real Estate they aim to create a new and updated living space that will blend in and stick out amongst its surrounding neighborhood.

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