3827 South Frances Avenue. Image via Geneva Pacific.

3827 South Frances Avenue Opens in Mar Vista

3827 South Frances Avenue has opened in Mar Vista. Pacific Empire Builders was the primary contractor on the project, which has been entitled Geneva Pacific. The site brings denser housing to the area, which previously contained smaller, single-level residential buildings.

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8240 Sunset Boulevard

Hotel + Housing Complex Planned At 8240 Sunset Boulevard In West Hollywood, Los Angeles

A new development consisting of a hotel and a housing complex is planned at 8240 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. The project proposal includes the demolition of two small office buildings with a surface parking lot and the construction of the hotel plus housing complex. Steven Kent Architects is managing the design concepts and construction. Real estate firm AJ Khair is the project developer.

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12727 Washington Boulevard

New Mixed-Use Project At 12727 Washington Boulevard In Culver City

New plans are underway for an abandoned commercial building to be remodeled into a site housing a new mixed-use project at 12727 Washington Boulevard in Culver City. The proposal includes the construction of a building with multi-family apartments and space for retail use. A fire engulfed the property site in 2019. Vancouver-based Bastion Development Corp. purchased the wedge-shaped site in 2018. PK Architecture is managing the design concepts and construction.

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